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Proposed Payroll Tax Holiday 2020 | An Accounting Dilemma

There have been recent reports in the news concerning an executive order establishing a “payroll tax holiday” beginning September 1. Although we have seen very little in the way of details on the proposal it appears that it would take the form of a “deferral” of social security and possibly Medicare withholdings from an employee’s paycheck. It appears that this decision is voluntary for the employer.

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Best Practice: How to Record the Payroll Protection (PPP) Loan

Many clients have been asking us how to record their PPP loan once it is received. The correct answer is to record the deposit as a separate loan on the Balance Sheet. Only after the loan is forgiven should it be written off. When writing off the loan the corresponding account should be an income account called Loan Forgiveness. This will separate this income from all other business income you have for the year.

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